Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Chat

Well, I never thought I'd be here but I've arrived.  I've finally tossed aside my hesitation and decided to join the Blogosphere.  In setting up this blog - picking a title, deciding on a URL - it's as if I've landed on another planet.  While I'm thinking about it, let's make a fun name for this new blogging world I've tapped into.  How about planet Blogosphere?  Dorky name - yes.  But the name does capture my feelings about blogging - it's foreign to me. But not anymore!
Television is the news outlet I'm most comfortable working in.  Television news is what I study every day and it's in television where I plan to build my career.  However, I'm watching where journalism is heading and I've bought in to the predictions that the internet can't be ignored.  The news stories on television, with their simple but evocative words, emotional close-ups and memory-triggering sounds, tell beautiful stories.  But television can only go so far; television doesn't allow me, the journalist, to know how you, the news audience, feel about stories.  That's what this blog intends to do.  I hope this webpage I've created, my little home on the internet, opens my news reports to a wider audience willing to engage in substantive conversations.  So Blogosphere, let the conversation begin - I hear you're a chatty group. 

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